Background to the British Science Awards for Scientific Excellence

The British Science Awards are being launched in spring 2019 to honour the very highest achievements from across the British scientific community, recognising the exceptional contributions made to the world of science. The British Science Awards will highlight the values of hard work, dedication, ambition and success to the wider community.

The British Science Awards will be recognised as the most important, credible science awards of this kind in Britain. It will provide the much-needed inspiration to the next generation of scientists who seek positive business role models from within their community to follow. In doing so our honouree's will highlight to the world all that is positive about British scientists and their achievements.

Paul Sagoo, Founder of The British Science Awards said: "We are very excited about providing this magnificent platform for the British scientific community. We are using our past awards experience to cater for the science community. Many of the issues Britain faces from climate change, energy management and healthcare all have their solutions nested firmly within science. Scientists are the new rockstars of today, it is our job to highlight that and make pursuing the passion of science as exciting as ever."

The British Science Awards logo motif depicts a silhouette of the Newtonian Telescope. The Newtonian telescope is a type of reflecting telescope invented by Sir Isaac Newton (1642–1727), using a concave primary mirror and a flat diagonal secondary mirror. Newton's first reflecting telescope was completed in 1668 and is the earliest known functional reflecting telescope.

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